What Else Can I Be Doing TO GET REcruited?

Create a Field Level account.

  • Try to frequently post videos on your Field Level account. It could be practice clips, game clips, full game videos, anything that shows off your game. It’s also helpful to get your HS and AAU coaches to promote you to College coaches that you’re interested in.

Attend Showcase Camps where College Coaches are DEFINITELY going to be in attendance.

  • There’s a lot of great Showcase Camps available depending on your location. Just be sure to double check and ask around before paying money for the camps. A lot of them are just “money grabs.”

Use caution when deciding which/if any Elite Camps hosted by Colleges to attend.

  • Most of the times these are 80% money grabs, 10% to get one last live look at a kids they are thinking about offering and 10% to try and recruit kids they have already offered.
  • Before sharing about our daughter’s personal experience I will say that there is probably more value in attending the Elite Camps hosted by colleges the younger you are. Higher level kids that are going into their Freshman, Sophomore and possibly junior years could probably benefit more than older classes where the coaches have pretty much narrowed things down on their end.
  • Here’s a note about our daughter’s personal experience: she had already been offered multiple scholarships but decided to attend some Elite Camps hosted by colleges. The first camps she went to was with Oklahoma Baptist (Coach Everton). They had not been recruiting her and had no idea who she was. The kids were broken up into four separate teams based on what seemed to be the teams’ level of interest in them. The Head Coach never once looked over at or watched any of the games she was in. The kids she was on the court with were not college-level kids (maybe D3 at best). For all intents and purposes it was a complete waste of time. She never met the coach, he never bothered to come over and introduce himself. 
  • The second camp she went to was at Freed-Hardeman University. She had been in contact with the new Coach (Coach Epperson). They had talked on the phone, been in contact via Twitter and he had personally invited her to the camp and then sent a follow up DM via Twitter to make sure that she was coming. It was the exact same experience as the OBU camp. They had the kids on two courts, he never bothered looking at the court she was on and never bothered to speak to her until she asked him for a picture. She was later offered a JV scholarship by them and it was at that point we were told that they had already filled all their varsity spots for that class. Unfortunately, he was not upfront with the fact that they were only looking at her for a JV spot. Also, when they made the offer they only allowed her two weeks to make up her mind. Every other school gave her until the end of October to decide (based on FAFSA timelines). Needless to say we were less than impressed with how the new FHU staff handled things.
  • After that second camp experience she/we decided we were done with the Elite Camp stuff and decided just to focus on the schools that she was currently talking with.