Do Your Job . . .

  • Intensity

  • Toughness

  • Discipline

  • Accountability

Being Process Driven

What in the world does that mean, “process driven?” Well, the opposite of “process driven” would be to focus on the result or the outcome. For example, because we are focusing on the process of being successful, we don’t worry about what the scoreboard says at that moment.

The reality of our lives is that we can’t control outcomes. When we shoot the ball, we can’t actually control if it goes in the hoop. But we can increase the likelihood of it going in the more we practice and prepare. 

When our opponent shoots the ball, we can’t control if their shot goes in. But we can affect their shot by how we choose to do our job during that play. 

And we certainly can’t control what the final score will be. But we can give ourselves the best opportunity to be successful by how we compete (do our job) during each individual play throughout the game. We may have an off night. The referees might make a few bad calls. Too many of our players might get in foul trouble. There are so many different things that can happen beyond our control.

But what we can control are the decisions we make along the way. We can control whether or not we choose to focus on Doing Our Job. 

We are “process driven” because we focus on the process of becoming better by doing each job with intensity, toughness, discipline and accountability. This applies to how we choose to eat (healthy or not). How we choose to practice. Whether or not we practice on our own. If we choose to pay attention to the teacher and to study instead of playing on our phone. The examples could go on forever. 

Becoming great and successful is a process that NEVER ends. Every day (no matter what part of life we’re dealing with) we have to choose to focus on what gives us the best chance to be successful.

There’s only so many things we truly control in our lives. It’s so important that we not miss out on those opportunities to positively impact our ability to be successful. 

Success essentially requires three things:

  • Make a commitment to only giving your attention and focus to the things that you can control.
  • Give up trying to control the outcome. In other words, since you can’t control it, give up the outcome. What happens will happen. That’s where accountability comes in. If you’re done all you can. Then you can live with the result.
  • Trust the process. Life is full of processes. For us, it’s about Doing Our Job with intensity, toughness, discipline and accountability. If you’ll trust the process and commit to it, then we’ll create for ourselves the greatest opportunity to be successful.