Do Your Job . . .

  • Intensity

  • Toughness

  • Discipline

  • Accountability

We Play to a Standard and Not a Score

This is similar to what we talked about in being process-driven. We are not focused on any particular outcome. We’re not focused on trying to win the game, scoring a certain amount of points, winning a certain number of games in the season or getting some individual award. The fact is, we can’t control any of those things. So there’s no reason to spend energy focusing on them. 

Instead, we focus on the process of becoming better, improving, and growing, or maybe another way of saying that is to put all our energy and attention into playing and living up to a standard. 

The dictionary says that a standard is “an idea or thing used as a measure, norm, or model when comparing something to something else.” In other words, it’s like looking up to someone and wanting to be like them. That person is the standard. 

Hoppy Hopwood was the most influential man in my life when I was a teenager. He was an Elder where I went to church. He showed me how to be a good husband and a good father. I learned by watching how he treated his wife and family . . . and me. Most of my teenage years were not a lot of fun. And he was my standard. So as I became a Husband and then a Dad, I always thought back to how I saw Hoppy act towards his family and towards me. That was my measuring stick. And in many ways, he still is to this day.

Remember that our basketball program is here to help our student-athletes get ready for life after high school. So learning about standards now is supposed to help them in life. 

For our team, and hopefully for their life, your standards will be based on your values. Our team values are to do your job with intensity, toughness, discipline and accountability. So how do we measure that? How do we know if we met that standard? Well, just ask yourself (and one another) after a drill, a play, a practice, a test, a game, a lecture . . . did I do my job just then and reach those values? Yes or no? It’s pretty simple. 

One last thing. I would encourage you to think about the standards you want in your life. They could change. No, check that, they will probably change. Especially as you get older. But it’s still good to be thinking about them and developing them now. 

For example, I think mine are pretty simple. I want to love my family with all of my heart and soul. I want to give them all of me. That’s my most important standard. After that, I want to teach the kids that God brings into my life to be prepared for life by loving them and teaching them accountability. And then third, I just want to be a good person by treating everyone with respect and kindness. That’s it. I’m not trying to make a particular amount of money with my job. I’m not worried if my kids go to a particular college or get a certain job. None of that is really important to me. Because I can’t control that. But I can control whether or not I strive to live up to a standard.