Do Your Job . . .

  • Intensity

  • Toughness

  • Discipline

  • Accountability

Offensive Overview


  • A team skill that is the #1 factor that leads to success.
  • The best shots come from the best passes.
  • Each pass needs to be ON TIME and ON TARGET.
  • Bullets, not rainbows.
  • Pass with your feet on the floor.
  • Types of passes:
    • CHEST PASS – air/bounce, longer passes, passer not closely guarded
    • OVERHEAD PASS – air, outlet, over the defense
    • PUSH/FLICK PASS – air/bounce, one hand release from triple threat
    • POCKET PASS – back-handed bounce pass

Why We Dribble the Ball

  • To bring the ball up the floor
  • To improve the passing angle
  • To take the ball to the bucket, and that is it!
  • We will practice five-on-five without allowing a dribble.

Essentials for Successful Post-Play

  • Head – 60% FG, be a great passer out of the post
  • Heart – has to want contact and want to get fouled
  • Hands – safely catch & rebound
  • Feet – get open, stay open

Against M2M, we want to get the guards a post-touch. It’s a great equalizer for teams that transition. If we can post a guard, it will make it harder for them to get into transition. Post-play is more about toughness and ability than size!

4 Shots BIGS Must Have

Power Shot – finish w/ contact (get toes to baseline & get fouled, make defender come thru you)
Go-To Move – able to split a double team
Counter-Move – to beat the scouting report
Free Throw – 65% from the FT line

Getting Open

An open palm is a form of communication – BIGS must direct traffic and DEMAND the ball.
Seal man NOT area – inside step seal
Screen – step to your screen to get a bigger/better piece of paint.
85% of shots come from favorite side
Always use backboard on ALL finishes

Rules for Offensive Rebounding

Go to a gap, not a man
Take the best gap
Play the % of the shot – i.e. baseline shot will likely have a backside rebound
Big always takes the middle gap


A balanced and difficult-to-guard offense has an inside game, an outside game, a pull up game and a penetration game.
Getting the ball in the middle of the floor causes issues for the defense.
Attack their best player. Wear him/her out on defense running off screens, etc. and try to get them in foul trouble.