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Contact Information for College Coaches

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Sample Letter to College Coaches

Hi Coach __________________,

My name is _________________. I just finished my junior season (’21) and (once we get started) I play for Coach ____________ and the AAO Flight Elite in Northwest Arkansas. My High School team is _____________ where I play for Coach _______________.

This past season I averaged 17 ppg, 11 rpg and 3 spg for my HS team. I feel as if I grew a lot this year, and I’m working harder than ever to prepare for this summer and my Senior season.

I have been checking out your program and am very interested in ____________________. Specifically, I’m very interested in attending and playing at a Christian school and ________________ has everything I’m looking for in a school and basketball program.

I’m confident that I would be able to contribute to your program’s success. I would consider it a great honor to be a part of the “school mascot” family.

I’d be so grateful if you’d take three minutes to check out my highlight video. Here’s the YouTube link: __________________

At the risk of sounding boastful, here’s four real good reasons to give me a look:

  1. I always compete, rebound and play tough defense. 
  2. I’m a great teammate and student. I will do whatever I can to help my team win and support the other girls. And I get good grades and will always represent the program well.
  3. I’m versatile and can guard a big or ⅔ position.
  4. I can score from anywhere on the court. This season my team needed me mostly at the high post. But, as you’ll see in my Highlight video (link the text) I can also shoot and attack the basket from the perimeter.

Coach __________, thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter and watch my highlight video.

I hope we get to talk soon!

God Bless,


Include Twitter link: @____________________