Do Your Job . . .

  • Intensity

  • Toughness

  • Discipline

  • Accountability

Mission and Values

Mother Theresa said that her mission in life was to “serve the needs of the sick and dying.” And no one ever stopped her from living out her mission and purpose. Living with a mission or purpose (and playing with a mission and purpose) is powerful. This is why we don’t set goals. Goals actually put limits on us. Whereas, living through a mission will inspire most people.

Our mission is to prepare our student-athletes for life after high school. We’re able to use basketball as a way to accomplish our mission.

We focus on our values, our mission and the process . . .

Something important to remember is that our values are always revealed in our decisions. In other words, if you pay attention to someone, you can pretty quickly tell what is most important to that person. Values are critical. Identifying and talking about values are a way to understand what’s most important, or what’s special, to us. In addition to people (who are invaluable), values can come in two different forms.

First, objects can have value. Something can be valuable because it’s worth money. Or, something can be valuable because it connects us to our past or to people we love.

Second, our values can also be related to our personality traits and character. For example, some people place a high value on always telling the truth, no matter what happens because of it. That’s a value that reveals their character.

The values of our program are pretty simple. What’s important to us as a program and as a team is Doing our Job with Intensity, Toughness, Discipline and Accountability.

Do Your Job: Focus completely on the one thing or person that deserves our attention at that moment. Not what comes next. Not what just happened. And not what might happen in the future. Only what’s going on at that moment.

w/Toughness: we fight through adversity and we never quit. In other words, just because things are tough, we do not quit or give up. We choose to keep fighting with intensity no matter what the “score” is.  

w/Discipline: we do the right thing, the right way, at the right time, for the right reason. This will take toughness. You have to be mentally tough to be disciplined and keep your defensive fundamentals (butt down, etc) in the 4th quarter when you’re tired. Your body, your legs, will be telling you to stand up. But your toughness will tell your body to stay low and keep after it. That’s discipline.

w/Accountability: we take responsibility for making sure that we do our job and we own whatever the outcome is knowing that we did everything we could. So, as long as we focused on our job at that moment and we competed with intensity, toughness and discipline then we can live with that result. And we will compete that way for the entire game, then we can live with the outcome of that game. Remember, we don’t control the outcome. But we can own it, especially when we know that we’ve done all that we can.