Do Your Job . . .

  • Intensity

  • Toughness

  • Discipline

  • Accountability

Essential Characteristics for a Head Coach

Soft-Skills – People Skills

Coaching in high school is first and foremost a people job. Of course, a strong understanding of the game is important. But nothing can make or break a coach like his/her ability to deal with people effectively. This requires well-developed Soft Skills.

These skills include empathy and emotional intelligence, communication, time management, problem-solving ability, flexibility, and adaptability.

“Teaching” Ability

The majority of the time that a coach has with his/her players is on the practice court – not on game days. This is where and when players develop and teams improve. And for this to happen, the coach must be a great teacher. He/she must be able to break down complex ideas and communicate them in a way that everyone on the team can understand and learn what they must do.

Preparation and Work Ethic

Every hour of practice requires 2-3 hours of preparation. And every game (approximately 32 minutes) requires 5-10 hours of preparation. This time includes watching film on your team and the opponent, creating a practice or game plan, and building in counters in anticipation of what the other team will try to do. The willingness to put in the time is essential to giving the team a chance to be successful. With this, there’s little chance to beat more talented teams and coaches.

Continual Growth

Committing to life-long learning and growth is essential, both personally and professionally. Coaches in the state are too good and too innovative to continue doing “what we’ve always done.” We always want to be learning, growing and improving – not just as a practical necessity, but also to set an example for my student-athletes.

Solid Understanding of the X’s and O’s

I firmly believe that the team with the best players will win most of the games. However, a coach who is not prepared or who is unable to make adjustments during the game puts his team at a disadvantage and risks getting out-coached in a close game or when the talent level is relatively equal.