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  • Accountability

Fixed vs Growth Mindset

A person with a “fixed mindset” struggles with a couple of specific issues.

First, they don’t believe that their circumstances in life can change. They believe that whatever their situation is, is how it will always be. For example, how many students do you think, really believe that they can do whatever they decide to do in life? Probably not that many. Why? Because of a fixed mindset. 

Second, a person with a fixed mindset judges situations in terms of how they reflect on her ability, which in her mind, is permanent. In other words, if she does badly on a math test, then she believes that she’s dumb and isn’t good at math. If she plays badly in a game, then she’s not a good player. Because of this, people with a fixed mindset usually don’t try to get better because they’ve already decided that they aren’t good at math, or athletic, etc. In their mind, if they try to get better it would probably only lead to further proof that they’re not any good.

A person with a “growth mindset” is completely different. This person sees their abilities, no matter how limited, as capable of being cultivated. In other words, they understand that failure is simply part of the growing process and they believe that with work and patience (and more work) they can absolutely get better at math, or sports, or improving their life, etc. So if this person does poorly on a math test, they’re likely to have an attitude that they just need to keep working and studying so that they can do better next time.

This is why I want to push you to get better at performing specific basketball skills. Not just because it will make you a better player and hopefully help us win. But most importantly because it will show you that if you are willing to work hard and keep at it then you can control what happens. You have already experienced this reality this year. 

A fixed mindset person will not really put forth the effort because she believes that if she were smart enough, or talented enough, she would not need to try that hard. For that person, extra effort is a bad thing. 

For a growth mindset person, effort is the secret sauce that makes you talented.

For all of us to reach our full potential in basketball and most importantly in life, we must develop a growth mindset.