Do Your Job . . .

  • Intensity

  • Toughness

  • Discipline

  • Accountability

During the Game

In addition to playing with our values of focusing on doing your job at that moment with intensity, toughness, discipline and accountability, these specifics are crucial for us.

  1. Make the smart play and take what the opponent gives us. 
  2. Value each possession. Take care of Wilson.
  3. Everyone rebounds on defense.

If you get beat on a play because the other girl was just better than you on that play, or if we lose a game because the other team was just better than us during that game, we’ll sleep just fine. We can live with that. That’s life. There will be times when another person is just better, more talented, more something. 

But we can’t accept getting beat because we didn’t play from the heart of our values. 

That means that we didn’t focus 100% of our energy and effort on that one play because we were thinking about something that just happened or that might happen coming up. That’s not acceptable. Always stay in that moment and play that play, with relentless competitiveness (Intensity), refusing to quit or be beaten (toughness), with complete focus on your fundamentals (discipline), and then being completely okay with the result because you know you did your absolute best (accountability). 

If we strive to play every play like that throughout the game then we will give ourselves the best chance to be successful and win the game. But remember, we don’t control the outcome. We ONLY control our effort and our decisions. And that’s all we need to focus on throughout the game.

Extra Thoughts for During the Game

When one of our players goes down on the floor (for any reason) there should be four teammates running to pick them up. 

When you enter the game, always take a towel to the person you are replacing and ask them who they are guarding (or what their responsibility is if we’re in zone). If you’re asked to guard someone differently (meaning someone else has to change who they are guarding) then you call a huddle and make sure everyone knows who to guard. 

During a 30 second timeout hustle straight over to the Coach on the court and circle around him/her. Put your focus on the Coach. The manager (or a teammate) will hand you a water bottle and towel. 

During a full-time out hustle to the bench. The players in the game sit down. The players that are not in the game stand behind and to the side of me that blocks the other bench from seeing us. Put your focus on the Coach. The manager (or a teammate) will hand you a water bottle and towel. 

When you are taking the ball out of bounds from a dead ball don’t be in a rush. Stand in front of the sideline or baseline and never take the ball from the referee until we are set up and ready to go. If he starts to set the ball on the ground then take it out of his hands.

We do not talk to the other team.

Dealing with the Referees

  1. Remember that the referees are just human, and they’re doing their best.
  2. ALWAYS hand the ball to the official. If it’s on the ground, you pick it up and hand it to them.
  3. ALWAYS say yes sir, no sir, and yes ma’am, no ma’am when speaking to them.
  4. We do not complain to the refs. We do not talk back. We do not give them any attitude.