Do Your Job . . .

  • Intensity

  • Toughness

  • Discipline

  • Accountability

Coaching Philosophy

Develop the person first.

  • In any good program, we are building people first.
  • My true success as a coach isn’t determined until years later when my players become adults.
  • Develop them academically and as people of high character. 

Outwork all other coaches.

  • I will compete against coaches that have more experience, knowledge and talent. But the one factor I control the amount of work and preparation I put in.
  • To that end, I pride myself on outworking other coaches by constantly learning about the game, scouting our opponents, working in the off-season with players, and doing all the little things that lead to success.

Players win games, so develop fundamentally-sound players to the best of their ability.

  • Have a year-round emphasis on skill development and strength/agility.
  • Emphasize fundamentals at every level.

Run a year-round program at a championship level.

  • A year-round program will develop players, and promote the program in a powerful way.
  • Help players be academically successful the entire year. 

Our program identity will be a hard-nosed, fundamental, defensive team.

  • Being aggressive forces the action and makes the offense react.
  • We want to protect the basket and limit opponent’s field goal percentage. 

Ultimately we want to run a Read & React offense that teaches players how to play and fits our players.

  • Players who can play can adapt to any defense.
  • Players who know how to play attack the defense.
  • Emphasize high-percentage shots.
  • The alignment and what is taught will fit our players.
  • The pace will fit our players.

Have great practices.

  • Game-like practices are the backbone of great teams and programs.
  • Practices should be competitive and intense.