Do Your Job . . .

  • Intensity

  • Toughness

  • Discipline

  • Accountability

Annual Program Timeline


Prepare for Fall practice

Prepare Fall Strength and Conditioning sessions 

Emphasize that fall sports athletes prepare for those sports 


Send out a letter to all parties involved in the program with the season outlook, schedule, and other important items. 

Check on all player’s physicals, emergency cards, and any other documentation they need for the season. 

Follow up with all teams scheduled to confirm contracts, times, etc… 

Booster Club Meeting

Playbooks distributed

Track player grades


Send out alumni/community letter with schedule included (social media post)

Organize ball boy/girl program with Elementary

Parent Meeting  

Send out recruiting info as needed

Plan for Picture Day

Track player grades


Plan and schedule Christmas party for players 

Daily practice planning and game preparations

Track player grades 


Christmas tournament

Prepare what additional things we need to implement over the break 

Christmas Party

Track player grades


Implement practice plan conducive to hitting our peak for stretch run 

Track players grades  


Prepare for playoffs and state tournament 

State tournament!

Track players grades

Find summer teams for interested players 


State tournament! 

Prepare end-of-season banquet – place, date, time – gifts – seniors’ – invitations 

Thank you notes and season recap out to all involved parties

Track players grades 

Plan summer camps and workout schedule 


Track players grades 

End-of-Season Meetings with Seniors

  • career thoughts
  • future plans
  • give them career stats
  • what can we improve as a program? 

Meeting with returning players for next year 

  • Plans for the off-season and next season
  • where I see them as of now 

Emphasis on spring sports to those it applies to

Fundraiser for summer 


Equipment needed for next year 

Fundraiser for summer

Track players grades 


Summer kick-off week 

Camps, summer league, individual workouts, and weight room sessions 


Family vacation time

Skill-Development workout schedule 

Weight room schedule 

End of summer party 

Plan back-to-school fundraiser