Do Your Job . . .

  • Intensity

  • Toughness

  • Discipline

  • Accountability

Academic Expectations for Our Student-Athletes

We’ll always follow our Student Handbook when it comes to player eligibility. With that said, our kids are students first and athletes second. We expect our players to “do their job” in the classroom. This includes being in school, participating in class, doing their assignments, and putting in the necessary time outside of class to be successful.

What does academic accountability look like for our players?

  • We do grade checks every Friday.
  • If a player is struggling we help them schedule a time with their teacher to meet and get extra help.
  • If the student is failing to “do their job” in the classroom (relative to their decision-making) then they will sit out of practice and games until they change their behaviors. 

Missing Class Time

Away games during the season can be a challenge. We make every effort to leave as late as possible for road games. 

To help the students from being negatively impacted by missing class for games, we work with the school counselor, the parents, and the student to have their Core Classes, and most challenging classes, scheduled before lunch. This helps to ensure they will always attend these classes for basketball.